05/07/06: Preparing a development platform: phpMyAdmin

To ease database administration, I've installed phpMyAdmin, aka PMA. A very convenient tool.

04/30/06: Preparing a development platform: PHP ready

As part of our development platform installation, PHP, Personal Home Page, is the brick that allows dynamic content and the link to our database.

04/30/06: Preparing a development platform: setting up the database

What better than a database to store data. In this second article on the web authoring, I proceed with the installation of my development platform.

04/29/06: A new section: Web authoring

I describe the techniques that I use to develop web pages. My first article shows how to install locally a lightweight web server to mimic my ISP's servers, FREE, on a regular desktop.

04/29/06: A new CSS theme

It's time for a more trendy CSS theme for this site. Very rounded!

04/27/06: Internal modifications

I've replaced plain HTML pages by iframes to increase this site's maintability. I've also reworked the available sources to better match W3C HTML4 requirements.

08/06/05: Layout modifications

Still playing with CSS and JavaScript. Now, the menu highlights the category currently browsed. In addition, I've added some new entries to the "Links" category.

08/05/05: Fast thumbnails for Fvwm with Imlib2

Enlightenment is not only a window manager. Actually, enlightenment or e17 could be considered only as an implementation example of EFL: the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. These libraries are really fast and can be used variously. I propose here a little app that takes a screenshot of a window and transform it into a little PNG.

08/04/05: A new section: links

I guess that every site has its own links category. Here's mine. I will try to pour it with all the links I've used to fill this site or every site I'm interested in.

08/03/05: A new section: e17

I've added a new category on the latest release of enlightenment. My first entry is only a mere capture. But, as enlightenment is also delivered with a very nice framework, I will put there some code snipets I've designed out of it.

08/02/05: "Hello world!" with Glade and PERL

After having written this little tutorial on how to use Glade-2 and libglade, I was willing to show the same thing in PERL.

08/01/05: A new section: GTK

I've started writting a new section on GTK. I will put here some of my favorite moves. My first article is a simple "hello world" built with Glade-2 and libglade.

07/26/05: W3C validations

I've just validated this site on the W3C validators. It complies with the W3C HTML4 transitional and W3C CSS standards. So, I've added the famous W3C logos in the menu section.

07/25/05: A new section: PERL

I've integrated my little PERL section. There is almost nothing: a POP3 script to get the number of mail awaiting on a server. As I was uploading few things, I've also made some minor CSS adjustments.

07/24/05: Some CSS adjustments

It's been a long time since I haven't used CSS. Thus, I need to regain some knowledge on it. I'm currently reading a very good tutorial at the w3schools. The theme remains really minimalistic.
I've also enhanced a bit my javascripts that displays the title and the menus. I intend to put some automatic codes here...

07/23/05: Site updated

Major layout update. Every parts of my former layout have been divided and sorted into categories. This should ease access to the content. For the moment, I've only created an Fvwm section as it is probably the most requested one. The others will be re-integrated soon.